Maxilift Cranes

MAXILIFT is known worldwide as the Light Crane, skilled and high-tech, modern and user-friendly. Its modular manufacturing concept makes it the ideal solution for light vehicles and several other applications. MAXILIFT offers a model range between 0.5Tm and 5Tm lifting capacity, including a variety of configurations and accessories that is unmatched in the world market.Albian
Manufactured by Next Hydraulics based in Boretto, Italy, MAXILIFT is committed to continually improving their product quality by incorporating the latest technological, functional and safety features available in the lifting equipment industry today.

Why Maxilift?

  • Because it is small and lightweight enough that it can be installed anywhere on the truck without modification or losing payload space
  • Because its crane weight to maximum lifting capacity ratio is unbeatable
  • Because Maxilift incorporates several cutting edge safety systems on every crane model
  • Because it effortlessly moves accurately and smoothly in every model configuration throughout the load spectrum
  • Because of the quality. Next Hydraulics prides itself on accuracy and attention to detail throughout the manufacturing process, including an excellent corrosion protection package.
  • Because of the flexibility. With the wide range of models and accessories, end-users can set-up their crane package precisely to their own needs. Including the ability to add reliable, efficient and user-friendly remote control systems.
  • Please have a look at the range of Maxilift Cranes available on the downloadable brochure below or call one of General Body and Equipment’s knowledgeable representatives to help you select the right package for your job.