General Body and Equipment’s history is one big custom design. Being an owner operated company from its inception; we have always done things our own way. So we know all about how you like to do things your own way too. It certainly does not bother us if you want to make a tweak to one ofCustom Design our existing designs or start from scratch and create a whole new design. We have the experience, knowhow, designers and problem-solvers on hand every day to help you create a work package that is going to do exactly what you need it to on the jobsite. If there is something that your current work truck cannot do, or maybe there is a new task that you have undertaken but don’t quite have the right set-up to do the job; bring your ideas to us and we will create a custom solution to make your job go smoother, faster or better.

Have a look at some of our amazing custom work below for inspiration. Or sketch something out on that napkin sitting on your passenger’s seat and send it over to us to let us get started.