Heavy Duty Crane Decks

You want big cranes? We have big cranes! From the 9tm all the way up to the 108 tm sizes, we have your heavy duty knuckle boom crane requirements covered. Now we need to package your desired crane up with a place to put all the heavy things you are going to be lifting. As with any package that we build here at General Body and Equipment, we can customize your deck package to your exact requirements. Cross boxes, under Hotshot Crane Deckbed boxes, above deck compartments, winches, live rolls, work lights, tie downs, gates or no gates…let us know what is going to let you get the most out of your knuckle boom crane deck and we will build it for you. Working with our partners at PM Cranes in Italy, we can help with selecting the right size crane for your lifts and even provide some advice on what kind of chassis you need to put underneath it all.

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