For General Body and Equipment’s entire 30-year history we have been building and servicing mobile work trucks for some of North America’s largest companies. In fact, the second truck General Body and Equipment ever built for a customer was the start of a 30-year strong fleet relationship with Fleetsone of the largest companies in the Oil and Gas sector in the world. This first big fleet relationship was followed up with the likes of Edmonton Power, Calgary Power and Transalta Utilities, among others and the list continues to grow. General Body and Equipment has become a trusted partner to fleet managers from all over the provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan, the Territories and even a few National and International representatives. Many of these original relationships are still strong today despite changes in personnel, corporate direction and ownership at many of these companies and internally at General Body and Equipment. One of the reasons for our success in the Fleet world is that while the people and names may change, General’s commitment to quality, durable product has stood the test of time.

From the smallest upfitting job to the largest specialized units, General Body and Equipment can handle all of your fleet outfitting requirements. And with our philosophy of continuous improvement, we are constantly trying to find new ways to make your fleet more efficient, and insure the assets you are investing in will outlast the amortization.

This philosophy of continuous improvement does not stop at the product alone. Improving our internal processes with updated equipment, resource management and scheduling technologies, is allowing our Fleet partners to rely on General Body and Equipment to deliver a ready-to-work product on time.

Contact us to find out how we can help your fleet, large or small, and see why General Body and Equipment’s track record and vision of the future can help deliver what you need to put your fleet to work.