Hornet Flyer

Go big when you go small. The Hornet Flyer is a ready-to-fly support product for the local trades contractor.

Hornet Slide-in Inserts provide secure, everything-in-its-place tool and materials storage. The perfect answer for plumbers, electricians and other contractors. Available in long and short-box sizes to fit all the big three pick-up manufacturers without removing the tailgate.

Hornet Flyer by General Body and Equipment
Hornet Flyer is shown here with optional LED Beacon, LED Worklights, Buggy Whip and Roll out Cargo Bed.


  • Dimensions: Long-Box – 92” Long, 80” Wide and 48” Tall, 810 lbs
    Short-Box – 78” Long, 80” Wide and 48” Tall, 710 lbs
  • All Aluminum Body Construction
  • One Fixed Shelf per Compartment
  • LED compartment lights switched from cab
  • Two (2) Gas Shock Door Hold-backs per compartment (Flip-up style doors.)
  • One LED Cargo area dome light
  • One LED Rear High 3rd Brake Light

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Hornet Flyer Truck Insert by General Body and Equipment
Download the Hornet Flyer Brochure
Hornet Truck Bodies Custom Options by General Body and Equipment
Download the Hornet Custom Brochure

Hornet Stinger 11 & 9

The Hornet also comes in a truck body.

Hornet Custom: Available Upgrades

Customize your Hornet body with upgrades to suit your exact needs.

Drawer Pack Options:
A = 5x 4” Drawers
B = 2x 4” and 2x 6” Drawers
C = 2X 6” and 1x 8” Drawers
D = 1x 4”, 1x 6” and 1x 10” Drawers
E = 1x 4” and 2x 8” Drawers
Dividers for Drawer Pack Drawers
3-adjustable shelves – Blank Compartment Conversion
J-Hooks (Bolt-in)
Custom Body Options:
Roll-out Cargo Bed
Two Bar Cargo or Ladder Rack
Oxy/Acetylene Compartment Conversion
Overhead Spare Tire Carrier
E-Track/Logistics Rail (per foot)
Ratchet Straps (for use w/ E-track, complete set w/ 24” strap length)
Tool Holders
GBE Running boards
Electrical Options:
LED Work Lights (2)
LED Beacon
Buggy Whip
Heater – 17,500 BTU
Booster/Re-Volt System
Electric Cord Reel, 12AWG x 50’ c/w 20amp Receptacle
GFI Outlets (with Inverters or Multifunction Compressors)
Extra Battery for Booster or Inverter
Compressor Options:
Underhood VR70
Raptair – Diesel
Raptair – Gas
Raptair – Multi-Function (Diesel only)
Optional 7-Gallon Diesel Tank (for use with Raptair)
Predatair 40
Predatair 60
PTO/Pump for Hydraulic Driven Components
Eliminator 70 (Air Dryer/After cooler)


Hornet Custom: Package Options

(all packages below require an air compressor system)
Air Package:
35-Gallon Air Receiver, all required hose and fittings, 1/2” FLR, 50’ x 1/2” Reel c/w Low Temp Hose and Brass fittings (install based on standard cargo area or top of sidepack reel mount)
Air Package Optional Add-ons:
Substitute Hannay (N716-17-18-8L) Reel for interior compartment Mount
Multiport Manifolds
Grease Package – 120lb keg:
Grease Pump, Spring Rewind hose reel c/w 50’ x 3/8” hose, Grease Dispense Valve – non-metered c/w coupler and extension, 3/8” Z-Fitting, 3/8” Bleed style valve, 3/8” Regulator and Gauge (standard mounting location PS1 c/w E-Track and Ratchets to secure barrell in place, (Grease not included)
Grease Package Optional Add-ons:
18” Extension hose c/w Coupler
Upgrade to 45-gallon drum system c/w HD Roll-out Tray for Ease of Loading/unloading drum
Used Oil/Fluid Evacuation System:
55-Gallon Zeebest Poly Loaf tank, Aluminum Diaphragm pump, 4-way valve, Spring Rewind Hose reel c/w 30’ x 1” Hose, Regulator, All required Hose and Fittings, E-track and Ratchet Straps to secure tank in cargo area
Evac Package Options (hose end type only):
1/4” Ball Valve
1” Ball Valve
Cobra Cranes c/w boom rest
(Hydraulic or Electric over Hydraulic Models):

**Additional Options May Be Available Upon Request