For almost as long as we have been serving the Oil & Gas Industry, General Body and Equipment has been building bodies for the Utility industry. With a long standing partnership with Altec Industries, we have extensive experience combining Aerial Devices and Digger Derricks with our custom built Steel and Aluminum body packages. The success we have had in this field of body building is testament to our eye for detail and our ability to integrate multiple complex systems into one package for our customers. If this is the type of package you need added to your fleet, let us know and we will bring our locally based Altec Representative and our utility body experts to the table to make your package a reality.

If Aerial devices and Digger derricks aren’t part of your plans, we have a large catalogue of other Utility units as well. Support Decks, Reel Decks, Winch Decks, Landscaper Bodies, Crane Decks, Distribution Vans, Fibre Optic Splicing Units, Pole and Reel Trailers and countless Service Bodies have been built for our Utility Partners over the decades we have been working together. So if you don’t see what you are looking for in the catalogue of projects showcased below, there is a good chance we have already built it or something else like it.

For the discerning utility fleet manager, General Body and Equipment should always be part of your consideration when it comes to refreshing your fleet. Have a look at the small sample of products we have delivered over the years and make sure we are included on your next bid short list.

Aerial Body